Post-Funeral Services

Our services do not cease with the end of the funeral. Below is a list of the additional help we provide for your loved one, as they pass into the afterlife.

Ji Ling

Floral tributes symbolise remembrance and respect for the dearly departed

An act of filial piety, descendants partake in this practice to worship the departed. This is typically held at a temple or columbarium.

Descendants are to prepare a table to place the tablet, picture of the decedent, joss pot and daily food offerings. Previously, this custom required descendants to pray in mornings and evenings daily for a period of forty-nine days or up to three years, but it is now carried out by staff.

Gong Teck

A memorial service done to celebrate the life of the deceased, Gong Teck is characterised by the burning of large paper-constructed houses and merits.

This is a way for the bereaved family to pay their respects and express their gratitude to their loved ones by ensuring they have all they need for the afterlife.

This service is conducted on either the 49th day, the 100th day, the 1st year, or the 3rd year after the funeral service. Monks will be invited to conduct the ceremonies and chant mantras, which will vary according to the family’s religious and dialect customs.

Floral tributes symbolise remembrance and respect for the dearly departed

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Different religions have different views on life; this means that the packages at Ang Yew Seng Funeral Parlours have been respectfully tailored to fit the beliefs and expectations of different religions.

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