Many are curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes in an embalming room. Here is a glimpse into what the mysterious process entails, broken down into 3 general steps.

We strictly uphold sanitary standards in our embalming facilities


Our first and foremost priority is safety. Hence, before the process even begins, our embalmers are already in full personal protective equipment gear. This is to ensure that no contamination occurs during the embalming.

The moment the body arrives, our first course of action is to strip and disinfect it. This sanitisation process not only ensures that the body is clean for our embalmers to work safely, but also to prevent visitors who come into close contact with it from being infected.

The embalming process ensures preservation of the dearly departed


Each person is unique and has their own distinctive characteristics. This is why our embalmers at AYS Funerals attend to each case differently. While embalming might seem like a general process of treating the body with chemicals, one’s medical history and facial features are first taken into account before proceeding.

Small, indiscernible incisions are then made so that the embalming fluid can be injected.

The deceased is prepared and groomed through cosmetic procedures like makeup


The final step is to carefully dress the decedent and groom them to the specifications desired by the bereaved family members. Once presentable, the team will then transfer the body into the casket and have it ferried to the funeral.


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