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Here at AYS Funerals, we are experts in the field with decades of experience under our belt. Our knowledge and expertise as pioneers in the industry make us the ones most qualified to serve you. On this page, you will find the wide array of services we offer to help create the most dignified and fulfilling send-off for your loved one.

Our certified embalmers will have your loved ones looking their best


As funerals usually run on for a few days, we offer the option to embalm and preserve your loved one’s body so that you can send them off looking the way you knew them to.


Flower Wreaths

Flowers are a common condolence gift that hold deep symbolisms and meanings across different religions. Together, we will ensure a timely delivery of your tribute.


An assortment of blooms arranged by AYS Funerals

Personalised & Bespoke Funerals

We understand that our comprehensive packages may not be one-size-fits-all. As such, we offer you the option to create the bespoke funeral that you believe best represents the individual we are commemorating. Ensuring your loved one’s funeral service is personalised, meaningful, and everything that you envisioned it to be is our mission.


Candles as part of rites to be conducted post-funeral

Post-Funeral Services

AYS Funerals also handles post-funeral services like Gong Tek (or 功德). It is a memorial service, which at its earliest, can only be held on the 49th day after the decedent has departed. Such ceremonies might be confusing and families might be unfamiliar with such processions. They can thus come to us for guidance and have everything arranged at their convenience.



Safe Ride Home

Families are increasingly separated by borders and timezones, leading to complications with body retrieval when one passes on overseas. AYS Funerals has arranged and overseen many repatriation cases. You can trust us to bring the decedent safely back home to the bereaved.


Trust us and our expertise in coordinating the safe and respectful return of loved ones

Our Bespoke Funerals

View our Personalised & Bespoke Funerals

There are certain standard customs and processions that need to be arranged; we have thus neatly arranged and incorporated them into our various packages. They serve more as a guideline and can be curated to fulfill your every need and can be altered to further suit your wishes.

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