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A funeral is a time where everyone is gathered to share and remember our departed loved ones. It allows family and friends to bid farewell and pay tribute to a loved one and at the same time, give each other social support and express their emotions.

At Ang Yew Seng Funeral Parlour, we provide you a complete solution for all funeral arrangements,
assisting you through the many choices available. Based on your preference and budget,
we can customize the funeral accordingly.

  • A contemplative and reverential display of Buddhist funeral traditions in the parlour

In upholding traditional rites and practises, AYS Funerals provides varying packages that cover all of your fundamental requirements at a Buddhist ceremony.

Buddhist Packages
  • A serene and peaceful Taoist funeral set up in the parlour

AYS Funerals is well-versed in the traditions and practices of Taoism and will make sure to follow them faithfully as we help you arrange the ideal funeral.

Taoist Packages
  • A soothing Catholic set up for a funeral in the parlour
  • An elegant funeral parlour with a Christian funeral set up, featuring a casket adorned with floral arrangements

From the casket, to the arranging of a Rosary recitation, we organise the Catholic funeral to your liking. Be it void deck or in our very own memorial hall, AYS Funerals is meticulous down to the details for Christian funeral as well.

Christian & Catholic Packages
  • A freethinker funeral arrangement surrounded by casket sprays in the parlour

We provide pre-made funeral packages for people who are nonreligious. These funerals can be tailored to reflect meaningfully the decedent’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

Other Packages

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AYS Funerals is always here to provide the family with the highest possible level of care, understanding and service excellence. From the beginning till the end, it is the dedication and commitment that makes us so unique.

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