Funeral Services


A funeral is a time where everyone is gathered to share and remember our departed loved ones. It allows family and friends to bid farewell and pay tribute to a loved one and at the same time, give each other social support and express their emotions.


Funerals can be an emotional and healing experience for the community.

At Ang Yew Seng Funeral Parlour, we provide you a complete solution for all funeral arrangements, assisting you through the many choices available. Based on your preference and budget, we can customize the funeral accordingly.

慈 Blessing

缘 Glorious

莲 Lotus

孝 Filial



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信仰 Faith

恩典 Grace

配套比较表 Package Comparison

尊 Respect

馨 Care

恩 Filial

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祈恩 Prayer




Non-memorial funeral

Same-day cremation




Pro-Bono Funeral

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