1. What should I do when a death occurs?

  • Contact AYS Funerals at +65 9090 1999. Our funeral director will meet up with you and guide you through the funeral planning process.
  • Obtain the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) which allows you to make arrangements and submit administrative documents.

If death occurs at home:

Contact the family or neighbourhood doctor who will certify the death and issue the CCOD. Alternatively, AYS Funerals will arrange for a doctor to assist your family. After the death is certified by a doctor, you will be able to access and download the digital death certificate from the My Legacy portal. You will also be able to engage a funeral director for funeral arrangements.

If death occurs at the hospital:

The doctor at the hospital will certify the death online and the information will automatically be registered.

If death is perceived as unnatural:

Should doctors be unable to certify the death, the body will have to be sent to the Mortuary@HSA in a police hearse for further investigation. The family may be called upon for assistance in investigations, during which any medical documents or medication belonging to the decedent will have to be submitted.

  • Prepare a set of clothing, undergarments, and covered shoes for your loved one, as they are taken into the care of our staff during the embalming, dressing and make-up procedures.
  • Contact AYS Funerals care advisors at +65 9090 1999, who will guide you through the processes leading up to the send-off of your loved one.

2. What has to be done before a funeral?

Apart from obtaining the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD), family members have to discuss and come to a consensus on the following:

  • Religious rites and services
  • Location of funeral
  • Length of funeral
  • Cremation or burial
  • Final resting place of the decedent

Our funeral directors at AYS Funerals are committed to listening and serving, tailoring the funeral to suit your preferences and budget. From guiding you along the multiple decisions to be made to overseeing the funeral arrangements from start to end, rest assured that you will be empowered to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

3. How much will it cost to hold a funeral?

Funeral costs vary depending on the number of days of the wake, religious ceremonies, and other details. Based on the preferences and budget of the family, AYS Funerals can customise the funeral accordingly while guiding the family through the various choices available. Being well-versed and committed to upholding traditions, practices, and beliefs, AYS Funerals offers funeral packages that can be tailored to the family’s convenience.

More information on funeral packages: https://www.ays.sg/our-packages/

4. What are the duties of Funeral Directors?

Funeral Directors are here to facilitate and guide the bereaved family through a challenging period in their life. As facilitators, planners, caregivers and advisors, they assist the family in making funeral arrangements, which may include cremation or burial services, filing permits and certificates, directing and managing the funeral service and procession, and more.

5. Is embalming mandatory by law?

Embalming is not mandated by law in Singapore. However, should the family opt to allow viewing of the deceased during the funeral, embalming is advisable. A process to sanitise and preserve the body, embalming lengthens the time between death and till the final resting place. This allows family members and loved ones to make funeral arrangements to bid their goodbyes.

6. What clothing should the deceased wear?

The decedent’s family can make this decision. Whether it is formal or casual wear, the family can select and provide the AYS Funerals team with a full set of clothes, shoes, jewellery, or any other item that reflects the deceased.

7. Can the funeral service be personalised?

Yes. A personalised service that reflects the life of the dearly departed and who they were makes for a healing and memorable tribute. At AYS Funerals, we are devoted to assisting the best we can; this includes tailoring funeral services to the bereaved family’s wishes and customising funeral details to commemorate a life well-lived.

8. What happens during the funeral service?

Over the course of the wake, the dearly departed’s family will gather, and it is typically followed by religious officiants who conduct ceremonies or services depending on the bereaved family’s preferences.

During the service, family and friends may deliver eulogies, say prayers or display a photo or video tribute celebrating the life of the deceased. The last day of the wake sees the bereaved family and friends saying their farewells before accompanying the departed for a final send-off to the cremation and burial site.

9. After the funeral service – what happens next?

Following the funeral and cremation, the funeral director will facilitate the collection of ashes with the family. They will also accompany the family through each step of the process, assisting with the final resting place of the dearly departed. This includes sea burial or at an inland ash scattering. Additionally, the funeral director can help with placement in a columbarium or choose to repatriate their loved one. The funeral director’s expertise provides peace of mind, allowing the family to focus on healing and remembering their loved one.

10. What other after-funeral services do you assist with?

The role of a funeral director goes far beyond just planning and organising a funeral and cremation. After the service, the funeral director becomes a crucial support system for the family. We assist in sea burials, inland ash scattering, columbarium niche, repatriation, post funeral rites and other memorial services.

11. Do you provide any post funeral rites?

AYS Funerals is dedicated to walking every step of the journey with the bereaved, and our services extend beyond the funeral. This includes Ji Ling (寄灵) and Gong Teck (功德), which are customs and ceremonies meant to celebrate and venerate the dearly departed.

More information on Ji Ling (寄灵) and Gong Teck (功德): https://www.ays.sg/our-services/post-funeral-services/

12. What does AYS Remembrance Hall Provide?

Furnished with audio-visual equipment and LED screens, our parlours are equipped with amenities, including shower facilities, that provide a clean, comfortable and serene environment for you and your loved ones. Upon arrival, you will be guided and shown around our premises.

13. Do you offer pre-planning services?

For all pre-planning queries please contact wecare@ays.sg. More about pre-planning can be found here: https://www.ays.sg/future-planning/

14. What happens if a death occurs overseas or if a foreigner passes away in Singapore?

If death occurs overseas, it should be registered with the relevant foreign authorities where the death occurred. A permit from the National Environment Agency is required to transfer the body from overseas to Singapore for cremation or burial. Our team of repatriation specialists will assist you in bringing your loved one home effectively and respectfully.

To arrange a repatriation, contact us at +65 9090 1999.

15. What should I do if the death occurs in the middle of the night or on a weekend?

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you require assistance, please contact us at +65 9090 1999, and our care advisors will be honoured to serve you.