Ang Yew Seng

Born in 1940 and second eldest among 10 children, Mr Ang Yew Seng stopped schooling and started working odd jobs at a tender age of 12 years in order to help contribute to the family income. After which, he began his apprenticeship in his family’s traditional coffin-making business from his uncle.

Having learnt the art and tradition of casket making, he went on to found Ang Yew Seng Cremation Undertaker in 1973 to provide bereavement services at Thomson Road. In 1982, the business was renamed “Ang Yew Seng Funeral Parlour” and relocated to 38 Sin Ming Road, where it still is today.

Mr Ang Yew Seng brought about numerous changes and contributed to the development of the funeral industry in Singapore.


Our Promises

At Ang Yew Seng Funerals, we are families too. We serve every single family with Respect, Dignity and Professionalism in regards of different religions and culture.

We treat your loved ones the same way we would treat ours.


During this difficult time, you can trust our family care team to go beyond the call of duty to ensure everything is done smoothly.